How Ransomware Attacks Are Executed

Recon and Infiltrate

This first phase can include selecting a target, determining how to gain access to the target, and accessing the target.

Maintain and Manipulate

At this phase, threat actors are already inside. The attackers use their initial access to improve their position and move forward with their goals.

Execute and Exfiltrate

In the final phase, the attacker may access a target system via lateral movement, steal information, compromise backup systems, or target third parties.

Strengthen Ransomware Protection for Multi-Cloud Environments

As enterprises adopt multiple clouds, the attack surface grows, and inconsistencies in the operating model prevail to escalate the risk of cyberattacks, such as increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks. Enterprises must apply Zero Trust principles to strengthen their ransomware defense. Customers need lateral security controls to detect anomalous behavior, contain and evict threats, and an end-to-end recovery solution as a last line of defense. 

Market Guide for Network Detection and Response

Read Gartner’s Market Guide to learn why security and risk management leaders should prioritize NDR as complementary to other detection tools.

Ransomware Defense Mindset

As multi-cloud adoption increases, so do cyberattack risks and operational inconsistencies―enter the era of sophisticated ransomware threats. To combat this, admins and engineers alike must embrace a modern defense mindset, combining prevention and recovery measures.

Lateral Security for Dummies

Threat actors are moving throughout your infrastructure This requires new strategies aimed at protecting your assets and Lateral Security for Dummies will help you hone that strategy.

Defense in Depth Strategy

Discover how a defense in depth strategy across your multi-cloud environments can help your organization defend against ransomware.

What Experts Are Saying

ChatGPT Will Definitely Up Attackers’ Game. How Will You Respond?

Generative AI is opening the door for new attack methods from even the most inexperienced threat actors. It’s crucial to respond now before it gets out of hand.

TAU Blog: It’s Raining Implants

VMware Threat Analysis Unit researcher digs into how you can generate a large dataset of C2 framework implants – the first building block of any pipeline designed to analyze and behaviorally detect backdoors at scale.

Gartner: Restore vs. Rebuild

Strategies for Recovering Applications After a Ransomware Attack

NSX Security

Ransomware and lateral movement of threats make east-west the new battleground. VMware NSX Security offers a software-delivered, distributed architecture with advanced threat prevention to protect applications across your data center, multi-cloud and container infrastructure. It enables zero-trust security that’s easy to deploy and automates policy while reducing overall costs.

More Secure Workloads

VMware is the first and only company to get SE Lab’s AAA rating with 100% detection for network detection and response.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Ensure consistent security across clouds with no blind spots. Scale-out software enables automation, resulting in a 90% reduction in firewall rules and eliminates blind spots with 20TB+ inspection throughput of internal firewall for east-west traffic.

Proven Cost Efficiencies

Build a more efficient networking and security distributed architecture with strong CapEx savings of up to 50% and OpEx savings of up to 73% (VMware Internal Analysis).

Achieve True Cloud Operating Model

Full-stack software-defined distributed network, security, and load balancing architecture, integral to VMware Clouds, allows workloads to be deployed with zero proprietary appliances, zero tickets and Zero Trust.    

VMware Ransomware Recovery

VMware Ransomware Recovery for VMware Cloud DR delivers fully managed recovery from modern ransomware with live behavioral analysis of powered-on workloads in a cloud-based Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE)

Confident Recovery From Existential Threats

Identify and cleanse modern ransomware strains from recovery points with live behavioral analysis of powered-on workloads in a safe, managed environment

Simplified Recovery Options

Leverage a single, managed Ransomware Recovery as-a-Service solution to address the entire recovery operation. Boost collaboration between Infrastructure and Security teams.

Quick Recovery With Guided Automation

Leverage a step-by step ransomware recovery workflow that integrates identification, validation and restore capabilities. Prevent reinfection with networking isolation policies.

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