Full Lifecycle Security for Modern Applications at DevOps Speed

The security landscape has shifted monumentally. Modern applications have become the new endpoints all with their own unique needs and vulnerabilities. VMware follows the lifecycle of applications and shifts the security processes of their deployment left, all without impacting speed. Gain visibility and control over the security posture and compliance of modern applications with VMware.

Security at DevOps Velocity

Proactively mitigate risks by enforcing security and compliance guardrails from build to run and manage, without adding operational complexity. Gain security and compliance for containerized apps from development to production — in on-premises or public cloud environments.

VMware enables you to automatically apply security policies and reduce vulnerabilities with continuous scanning. And, our East-West protection and API security empowers you to deliver end-to-end encryption for 360o protection.

Agile Connectivity

Automatically secure your APIs and get both North-South and East-West protection, so you can identify anomalies anywhere.

VMware interconnects your workloads, delivering the same benefits as micro-segmentation and isolation. Achieve secure connectivity for inter- and intra-cluster, as well as between cloud native and traditional apps.

Context-Rich Observability

VMware increases your visibility so you can discover what container vulnerabilities exist, and how to prioritize those vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Get insights into APIs, map communication patterns and baseline what’s normal to detect anomalous behavior. Gather detailed threat intelligence based on the inner workings of applications with VMware Contexa.

VMware delivers visibility on your workloads and network and consolidates your security and networking policies for unified management.

Production-Ready Scale and Availability

Bridge the lab-to-prod gap with integrated load balancing and ingress controller for containerized environments. Modernize applications and scale multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments across on-prem and private/public clouds with enterprise-grade features including web application firewall (WAF) and global server load balancing (GSLB).

Continuous Compliance

Shift-left into the development cycle to detect and prevent vulnerabilities at build. With VMware, you can create automated policies to enforce secure configuration by leveraging pre-built templates and customize policies.

Products to Secure Modern Apps

Reduce risk, maintain compliance, and simplify security for Kubernetes environments at scale.

Carbon Black Container

Enable continuous visibility, security, and compliance for the full lifecycle of containers and Kubernetes applications from development to production

Tanzu Service Mesh

Secure, end-to-end connectivity for modern applications

NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Multi-cloud load balancing platform

Container Networking with Antrea

Signed images and binaries with full enterprise support for Project Antrea

VMware Aria Automation for Secure Clouds

Better manage risk through interconnected cloud and Kubernetes security posture management

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