Higher Performance at Lower Costs with DPU-enabled Network Architecture

Traditional appliance-based networking and security services can’t keep up with the increased capacity and performance demands of modern applications. DPU-based Acceleration for NSX runs networking and security services on Data Processing Units connected to hosts, offering superior networking and security performance along with comprehensive observability and reduced costs.

Accelerated Networking

Utilizing accelerators on the DPU to run network overlays, network acceleration, and load balancing enhances performance while maintaining proximity to applications and supporting operational features such as vMotion and DRS.

High Performance Security

Distributed firewalling on the DPU simplifies security architecture, operations, and compliance without requiring software agents.

Observability for All Workloads

Enhanced topology views, flow and packet level analysis simplify capacity planning, anomaly detection, troubleshooting and compliance without complex network TAP and SPAN infrastructure devices.

Slash CapEx and OpEx

Reap the benefits of a modern virtualized network powered by DPUs.

NSX Networking and Security Products

Full-stack network and security virtualization that connects and protects applications across your data center and multi-cloud infrastructure. Provision network topologies in seconds and deliver critical apps and services faster.


Network and security virtualization platform

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

Signature and behavior based detection of ransomware

Network Automation and Operations

Unified management and automation across multiple clouds, and traditional and modern container-based applications

vDefend Security

vDefend Security

Leverage a distributed network security solution embedded in your infrastructure to detect and stop threats inside your network

NSX Intelligence

Distributed analytics engine for topology visualization & policy recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

This solution will be available in the VMware NSX Enterprise Plus edition. Please reach out to your VMware sales representative for more information on availability.

There is no change to your existing NSX experience including the NSX manager UI, workflows, and APIs.

The DPU-based Acceleration for VMware NSX solution supports leading server and DPU vendors. We continue to expand access to the solution by working with other vendors. Please reach out to your VMware sales representative for the latest information.

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