What is VMware Validated Designs?

The VMware Validated Designs provide comprehensive and extensively-tested blueprints to build and operate a Software-Defined Data Center. 

With the VMware Validated Designs, VMware delivers holistic data center-level designs to deploy and configure the complete VMware SDDC in a wide range of scenarios with detailed guidance on how to operate effeciently.


What is a VMware Validated Design?

Introduction to VMware Validated Designs.

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VMware Validated Designs are available for download as free public documentation.

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VVD 5.0 release contains a vSphere 6.7 based Bill of Materials which matches that of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 3.5. This brings VVD and VCF one step closer to a fully aligned architecture.


VVD 5.0 also introduces VMware Cloud Builder 1.0. Cloud Builder provides a streamlined automated deployment for the SDDC. It can be used to deploy a single region, a dual region or a consolidated SDDC. In prior releases, Cloud Builder and its predecessor the Deployment Tool Kit (DTK), had only been available to VMware Professional Services(PSO) and select partners. VVD 5.0 sees the first public release of Cloud Builder to all VMware SDDC customers, further simplifying and standardizing the implementation of VMware deployments. The VVD deployment guides have been updated to incorporate the use VMware Cloud Builder 1.0.

Key highlights

  • Automated deployment of SDDC stack using VMware Cloud Builder 1.0. You can deploy vSphere, NSX, vSAN and the vRealize suite using VMware Cloud Builder.
  • Updated deployment documents. The new deployment documents provide extensive guidance on how to deploy a VVD complaint SDDC using VMware Cloud Builder. This also includes any manual steps for certain tasks that are not able to be automated by Cloud Builder.
  • VVD Document map: VVD 5.0 introduces a VVD for SDDC documentation map. This provides a high-level graphical overview to help navigate the documentation. It also provides a summary of the available documents, the interdependencies between these documents, and it makes documents which may not have been released for the latest version of the VVD easier to discover.
  • Updated software support. VVD 5.0 supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016 for the vRealize Automation and Site Recovery Manager windows-based virtual machines. It also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for the external databases used by vRealize Automation, and Ubuntu Server 18.04 for the vSphere Update Manager Download Service virtual machines.
  • Support for Multi-tenancy and multiple availability zones. VVD 5.0 has support for multi-tenancy in vRealize Orchestrator. It also supports the manual addition of a second availability zone within region A.
  • HTML5-based Clients: VVD 5.0 is updated to use the workflows of the latest HTML5-based vSphere Clients for environment preparation, post-deployment configuration, and operational guidance in vSphere, NSX for vSphere, Site Recovery Manager, and vSphere Update Manager.

VMware Validated Designs Deliver:

Accelerate Time to Market

Following a VMware Validated Design streamlines and simplifies the usually complex design process of the SDDC, shortening the deployment and provisioning cycles.

De-risk Deployments and Operations

Rigorously tested and continuously validated, the VMware Validated Designs reduce uncertainty and potential risks associated with implementing and operating the SDDC by ensuring interoperability and compatibility of all software components included in the design.

Increase Efficiency

A VMware Validated Design provides detailed, step-by-step operational guidance to greatly reduce time and effort spent on tasks such as setting up monitoring and alerts, developing backup and restore procedures and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Drive IT Agility

The VMware Validated Designs are designed for scalability and to support a broad set of scenarios and diverse types of applications, helping IT to respond faster to the needs of the business.



Software-Defined Networking Overview


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Overview


Standardized, Data Center-Level Designs

A VMware Validated Design defines a standardized, scalable architecture design comprehensively tested for integration and interoperability among all the software components defined in the bill of materials.

Proven and Robust Designs

Each design is developed by experts and rigorously tested and validated to provide successful deployment and efficient operations. Continuous interoperability testing helps a VMware Validated Design stay valid as subsequent versions of components are released.

Applicable to a Broad Set of Scenarios

The VMware Validated Designs are available in a variety of scenarios – SDDC, IT Automating IT, Intelligent Operations, ROBO – and provide the guidance to achieve a wide variety of desired IT outcomes delivered by the SDDC, such as app security, IT automation, monitoring and alerting, high availability, disaster recovery, etc.

Comprehensive Documentation

The VMware Validated Designs are captured in a comprehensive set of documents that describe the software bill of materials, the fundamentals of the architecture design and the best practices on how to deploy, integrate and operate the SDDC.


Free Public Documentation


For customer interested in implementing the VMware SDDC with in-house skillset, the VMware Validated Designs are available as free public documentation. 


Documentation in a VMware Validated Design includes: Release Notes, Introduction Guide, Architecture and Design, Planning and Preparation, Deployment and Operations Documentation


Read the free public documentation  

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VMware Professional Services delivers the right expertise and collaboration for a rapid implementation of your SDDC architecture based on the VMware Validated Designs. 


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Certified Partner Architecture


VMware is partnering with the most prestigious System Integrators to provide access to VMware Validated Designs.


The Certified Partner Architecture program certifies SDDC architectures available from VMware Partners to ensure that they comply with the guidance established by the VMware Validated Design for SDDC.


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