VMware takes a proactive approach to validating our customers’ trust in our products through the VMware Trust and Assurance Framework. This framework helps answer questions about our security and development practices, our commitment to ongoing support and product reliability and details why our customers can trust VMware with their most vital infrastructure and applications.

For cloud service Trust concerns, please visit the VMware Cloud Trust Center

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Quality and performance are key stakes in today’s Infrastructure software and services. Our virtualization offerings have earned renown for high quality and high performance. In fact, we have created industry virtualization benchmarks for measuring workload performance. We take proactive measures to ensure we stay ahead of the game, and to ensure our customers can continue to rely on us as we move into the next generation of virtualization software and cloud-based services.


Integrity is essential to earning customer trust. Our software is developed, built and delivered under a rigorous software development lifecycle so that our customers, who include most of the Fortune 100 companies, continue to entrust critical workloads to VMware. Our release management team ensures product readiness and compliance. Further, we constantly strive to improve our products and services to meet our customer’s needs and are transparent about how we collect and process our customer’s data through our Usage Data Programs (CEIP, SUDP, and Mobile App Usage Data Program).


Security is a differentiator. VMware products are built on a thorough Security Development Lifecycle methodology. Our VMware Security Response Center continuously monitors the security ecosystem and kicks into gear quickly to remediate vulnerabilities affecting our products and mitigate risk for our customers.


We show our commitment to our customers’ success by providing a large, virtualization-specialized, Global Support Services (GSS) organization and a growing ecosystem of certified solution and technology partners to help solve our customers’ infrastructure challenges. Along with GSS, our Continuing Product Development (CPD) organization provides a single point of contact for escalation management along with the dedicated engineering focus to drive customer satisfaction.


VMware, Trusted Vendor for IT Infrastructure

VMTA, VMware Trust and Assurance, aims to address customers’ most pressing SDDC concerns through the four key building blocks of reliability, integrity, security, and commitment.

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