Your Workloads are More Secure with VMware

The rising number of ransomware attacks proves that security at the endpoint and the perimeter is not enough to protect the enterprise. Find and evict threats in your private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments with strong lateral security.

Protect the Inner Workings of the Application

Understand the inner workings of your traditional and modern applications, so you can see all connections and conversations, detect anomalous behavior, and secure apps from within.

See More. Stop More.

Get visibility into every packet and every process for unparalleled workload and network context that reduces false positives for superior threat detection and faster remediation.

Automate the Cloud with Security as Code

Deliver security as code to streamline operations for consistent security across clouds with an API-driven, object-based model that automates policy mobility and ensures new workloads inherit policies.

Security Beyond the Perimeter and Endpoint

Software-Defined Firewalling

Easily deploy network and micro-segmentation using the industry's only Layer 7 distributed firewall and protect physical workloads in private clouds with a gateway firewall for consistent security across your infrastructure.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Eliminate blind spots and get absolute coverage for all network traffic to detect and prevent known threats from gaining access to critical systems and data – without the expensive appliances.

Network Traffic Analysis

Accelerate threat remediation by developing a baseline of network behavior using ML algorithms and then using this baseline to quickly identify protocol, traffic and host anomalies as they appear.

Network Sandbox

Detect malware that other technologies miss with a Full-system Emulation Sandbox that provides a complete malware analysis system to analyze advanced threats.

Network Detection and Response

Quickly triage threat campaigns by automatically correlating signals from IDS/IPS, Network Sandbox and NTA and mapping threat activities to MITRE ATT&CK with relevant authoritative context.

Distributed Network Analytics Engine

Combine deep workload and network context with data center-wide visibility for automated security policy recommendations, detailed application topology visualization, continuous monitoring of every flow, and an audit trail of security policies.

VMware vDefend Lateral Security Products

Get comprehensive network security coverage across clouds for unparalleled visibility and context across your infrastructure.

VMware vDefend Distributed Firewall

Layer 7 internal firewall to secure east-west traffic and cloud-to-cloud connectivity

VMware vDefend Gateway Firewall

A Layer 7 firewall designed to protect physical servers and zone/cloud edge

VMware vDefend Advanced Threat Prevention

Complete network traffic inspection and the industry’s highest fidelity insights into advanced threats

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