Reduce Risk and Protect from Modern Threats with XDR

Achieve new results by preserving and extending the endpoint, workload, network, and identity contexts with Carbon Black XDR. Proactively hunt for unusual activity with threat intelligence and customizable detections. Take detected threat behavior and turn it into a prevention policy – so you don’t have to hunt for the same threat twice.

EDR Made Better. XDR Made Easy.

Explore our informative XDR infographic and discover how to accelerate threat detection and response. With automated correlation of telemetry across your security stack, uncover a multitude of benefits from one intuitive console.

Improve the SOC Analyst Experience

In light of the concerning levels of stress and burnout reported by front line cyber defenders a high priority needs to be placed on improving the Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst Experience. Get an overview of why XDR provides a significant uplift in the effectiveness of a SOC. 

Carbon Black Joins XDR Alliance™

Carbon Black has joined the XDR Alliance™, a partnership of leading cybersecurity industry innovators committed to an inclusive and collaborative XDR framework and architecture.

The mission of the XDR Alliance is to make a collaborative, open approach to XDR a reality for SecOps teams and help them effectively protect their organizations from cyberattacks.

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Your XDR Questions, Answered.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is the convergence of tools and data providing extended visibility, analysis, and response across endpoints, workloads, users and networks.

XDR unifies endpoint and workload security capabilities with critical network and cloud visibility to reduce blind spots, detect threats faster, and automate remediation via authoritative context across these domains.

XDR is the evolution of endpoint detection and response (EDR). In addition to the authoritative endpoint-based view that EDR provides, XDR extends visibility to include even more telemetry and behavioral analysis across multiple security layers, allowing security teams to see the big picture.

XDR increases visibility and the security context, enabling threat prioritization, automation, operational confidence, faster time to resolution, and more surgical responses across more control points.

An open ecosystem XDR approach harnesses the best visibility possible from formerly disparate systems. This customer-centric approach allows an XDR buyer to mix and match the best controls, including ones they are already getting value out of. No vendor lock-in, no rip and replace. Just added value.

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