VMware ACE 2.6.1 Release Notes

VMware ACE Version 2.6.1 | 29 JAN 2010 | Build 227600

Last Document Update: 29 JAN 2010

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These release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

VMware ACE 2.6.1 is a maintenance release that resolves some known issues. This release of VMware ACE adds the following new support:

New Support for 32-Bit and 64-Bit Operating Systems  

This release provides support for the following host and guest operating system:

    Operating System

    Host and Guest Support

    Windows Vista SP2 Host and guest

Prior Releases of VMware ACE

Features from the prior releases of VMware ACE are described in VMware ACE 2.6 Release Notes.

Known Issue

Uploading a custom SSL certificate for an ACE Management Server using Internet Explorer 8 fails.
Workaround: Use Internet Explorer 7 instead.

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved in VMware ACE 2.6.1:

  • In some instances, attempting to exit a virtual machine in the kiosk mode fails.
  • On Windows XP guests, attempting to create an ACE package with instance customization fails.
  • Running a pocket ACE with caching disabled and instance customization, might cause the pocket ACE to fail to power on the first time with an error message There was an internal error during synchronization.
  • ACE Management Server(AMS) fails when there is no matching session key available in the AMS database.
  • In the ACE Management Server, when you attempt to select the Help Desk option from the appliance configuration page, the option is disabled.
In addition to the ACE-specific known issue, VMware ACE includes the known issues listed in the VMware Workstation 7.0.1 Release Notes.

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