What was the official date of transfer of Integrien to VMware, and why is this date important?

The official transfer date for Integrien was December 10, 2010. This date is important because it signifies the legal transition point when Integrien officially became part of VMware’s business processes and systems.

What Integrien products were acquired by VMware?

VMware is now providing technical support for Integrien Alive Enterprise, which is now called VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise. VMware is committed to delivering the highest level of support and service for this product, without interruption.

Support and Subscription Contracts / Licensing / Renewals

Can anyone in my company have access to the software we have licensed, and contact support?

No. VMware defines specific roles and actions individuals can perform regarding use of product licenses and access to support. These roles are defined as Primary License Administrator, Secondary License Administrator, and Support Administrator. Your Primary License Administrator (PLA) manages who in your company can perform these roles for each contract. The PLA is usually the contact who submitted the purchase order.

To familiarize yourself with VMware Technical Support processes and procedures, and learn more about these specific roles, please read the VMware Technical Support Guide.

Why do I need a VMware Account?

Every individual who would like to obtain access to support personnel, software downloads and technical information needs a VMware Account. With a VMware Account, you will be able to enter the different VMware Portals (for example; Support Contract, Support Entitlement, Order History and License portals), and depending on your role for your company’s contract, perform all or certain actions to manage that contract. You can manage all of your account-related activities from the Accounts page.

Integrien supplied VMware with all the main contacts for each contract that was being converted to VMware. For those individuals, their VMware accounts were created as part of the contract migration process.


If you do not have a VMware account, you can create one. Be sure to contact your Primary License Administrator to ensure you get assigned the correct role for your contract after your account profile has been created.

What is a VMware Customer Number and when should it be used?

Everyone who has created a VMware Account will have a unique VMware Customer Number. This number will be in your VMware Account confirmation email. You should use this number whenever you contact VMware Support .To learn more about your VMware Customer Number and when it should be used, please visit the Customer Number Frequently Asked Questions page

I was given the wrong role on my company’s support contract. What do I do?

Please contact our Licensing Specialist team so we may update your records accordingly. Our Licensing Specialists work with your Primary License administrator to ensure that all individuals requesting a modification / addition to the contract are pre-approved.

You can identify who are the contacts associated to your contract by selecting Manage Support Contracts from the Account page.

To which VMware Support Plan will my contract be associated?

VMware mapped your existing Integrien support contract(s) to the closest VMware equivalent and loaded this contract data into our systems.

  • Integrien Standard - VMware Basic Support and Subscription
  • Integrien Extended and Priority, Central Site 24x7 - VMware Production Support and Subscription

As of December 10, 2010, your support contract will be based on the features and service level agreements of VMware Support and Subscription (SnS) offerings. Your Primary License Administrator can access and manage your support contracts by selecting Manage Support Contracts from the Account page.

I had licensed my product “per server”, “per node”, “per network device” or “by metrics’, but now I see my support contract says only “per managed system” or “per network device”?

VMware has modified the packaging and pricing of this product. The "per server" and "per node" metric has been mapped to the more broadly defined “per managed system”. The "per network device" or "by metrics" has been mapped to the more broadly defined "per network device". You may not see an exact, one-to-one match of the original product SKUs or metric type. We mapped your contract, with the help of the Integrien contract specialists, to this new packaging.

I see I have license keys in the Product Licensing Portal, but they aren’t needed to activate the product. Why not?

A VMware license key(s) was generated for your product, and although dormant at this moment, is available on the VMware license portal. Login via the Account page. Please note that these keys will not work in the product until a future version includes the licensing control software. Currently, this key is for license compliance only, and requires no action from you.

To learn more about the licensing for VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise, please read VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise version 1.x.

There are issues with my licenses / contract. What can I do?

VMware Global Support Services is committed to helping you with not only your product technical support questions, but your licensing questions, as well.

Please review the products included (new product names), service coverage (e.g. Basic or Production), and support contract dates.

Please be aware that VMware has modified the packaging of this product, and so you will not see an exact, one- to-one match of the original product SKUs or metric types. The licenses reflected in your Support Contract reflect this new product mapping.

If you see any discrepancies or have questions, please contact our Licensing Support team via Web or telephone, so we may update your records. Please have the following information ready: organization name, Primary License Administrator name, order number and support contract number. Please note that it’s best to have the Primary License Administrator contact us regarding license entitlement.

My support contract will be coming up for renewal soon, whom do I contact?

If your support contract is in the process of renewal or will expire before December 31st, 2010, someone from Integrien will likely already be working with you. If your support contract is up for renewal after December 31st, 2010, a VMware Support Sales Representative will be in contact with you to ensure continuous, uninterrupted service.

To request a quote, please email the VMware Renewals team at IntegrienRenewals@vmware.com.

To maintain the confidentiality of VMware Customers, any requests for quote information, install base reports, or inquiries into a customer’s account will only be issued to the customer’s incumbent reseller.

Contacting Technical Support

How do I contact VMware Technical Support?

VMware has retained the key technical support personnel who were dedicated to supporting the acquired product, and these engineers will continue to serve you alongside other VMware Technical Support Engineers. Starting December 10th, you should contact support via the VMware Web site and telephone numbers.
VMware’s main support line is 1-877-4VMWARE (1-877 486 9273). Check our listing for alternate worldwide phone numbers.
You will need a VMware Account and to be listed as a Support Administrator on your company’s Support Contract to be able to open technical support requests.

How do I ensure I can log support cases?

You need have the role of Support Administrator on your company’s support contract. Log into the Manage Support Contract Portal. If you are listed as an administrator on Support Contracts, you will see the contract details under the Support Contracts tab. If you are not listed, your Primary License Administrators can add/ delete support administrators. To learn more, please visit the Support Contract FAQ

What is a VMware Customer Number and when should it be used?

Everyone who has created a VMware Account will have a unique VMware Customer Number. This number will be in your VMware Account confirmation email. You should use this number whenever you contact VMware Support .To learn more about your VMware Customer Number and when it should be used, please visit the Customer Number Frequently Asked Questions page

I had an open technical support request with Integrien before the transfer date. What happened to my case?

Your company’s support requests have been migrated into our case management system. We added additional zeros to the front of the existing Integrien Support Request number to conform to the10 digit VMware Support Request (SR) number format. The individual who opened the case will be the associated Support Administrator for this Support Request.

The Support Administrator will be able view the status of SRs they have filed by selecting Create Support Request from the Account page, logging in, clicking on File Support Request (Step 2) and then clicking View Support Requests located on the upper right-hand side of the page. Support Administrators can add comments and/or upload files to an open support request at any time.

I have opened a Support Request, but I need to send VMware a file larger than 10 MB. Where can I do this?

To learn how to use the FTP server for files larger than 10MB, read Knowledge Base Article 1008525.

What is the process of escalating a support case?

VMware Global Support Services (GSS) is always working to ensure that the appropriate resources and level of focus are applied to your Support Request to ensure a timely resolution. However, if you are not satisfied with the progress of your Support Request, we encourage you to request an escalation.

You can request that the Technical Support Engineer assigned to your case increase the severity level of a Support Request without an escalation if the business impact of a Support Request has changed or was not correctly recorded initially.

You can escalate a Support Request at any time either by speaking directly with the Customer Support Representative or Technical Support Engineer assigned to your request, or by requesting to speak with a Duty Manager. We highly recommend that you contact VMware GSS by telephone for escalations. This will help ensure that your request is directed to the appropriate resources as soon as possible to achieve successful and timely resolution.

For detailed instructions on how to escalate a Support Request, visit the Escalation Policy Page.

Product Resources

Where do I go to download the software for my product?

If your support and subscription contract is active, you will obtain your upgrades, updates and patches for VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise from the VMware Download Center.

For the time being, product adapters will not available on the VMware download site, but will be available through FTP download at ftp.integrien.com. You will need an FTP account and password for ftp.integrien.com to access the product adapters. Please open a Support Request if you need to access this FTP site and you don’t already have an account.

Is there somewhere I can find all the technical support resources for VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise?

We encourage you to take full advantage of VMware technical resources and self-help tools available on our VMware web site (e.g. product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, licensing help and product download sites).

Through the VMware Technology Network, you can also find technical documentation, discuss issues with other administrators in our Discussion Forums, and reference our white papers, tech notes and compatibility guides.

Where do I go to find the documentation for this product?

VMware provides a range of technical documentation on our current products, as well as on older ones. This documentation includes technical manuals, release notes, tools, and libraries. Normally, all of these documents reside on the VMware Documentation page.

However, for VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise, all docs except the “Alive Analytics Guide Preliminary” will reside on the site mentioned above. This document can be found on the product-specific Download page.

Why can’t I find the software for VMware vCenter Operations Enterprise version 7.3?

This version will not be immediately available in the Download Center. Current customers who wish to discuss upgrading to this version should contact technical support by opening a support request.

Contacting Professional Services

How do I contact VMware Professional Services?

If you are looking for a Professional Services consult, please contact your sales representative who will get you in contact with the correct Professional services contacts.