VMware vCenter Application Discovery Manager 6.2.2 Release Notes

vCenter Application Discovery Manager 6.2.2 | 26 APRIL 2012 | Build 0001

Last Document Update: 26 APRIL 2012

VMware vCenterTM Application Discovery Manager (ADM), powered by nLayersR provides infrastructure for real-time dependency driven change, configuration, incident, and problem management. Through the ADM's embedded, real-time database, enterprises can manage change impact, control configuration drift, and correlate how infrastructure incidents affect applications.

The database of ADM provides an automated dependency catalog that allows enterprises to eliminate their reliance on speculation, and avoid change-induced service outages, degradations, and failures. Enterprises can detect, log, and report the software and hardware configuration changes, and compare configurations server to server. With its native EMC IONIX integration, you can correlate infrastructure incidents to application impact based on real-time models of application topologies and dependency relationships.

What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New in This Release

vCenter Application Discovery Manager 6.2.2 is a maintenance release. VMware vSphere 5.0 support is added from this release.

Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues that have been resolved in this release.
  • Installed software inventory report fails and an SQL related exception, Operation terminated abnormally. Please contact sysadmin, is displayed

    This issue occurs because of the size of the character string buffer. The size of the character string buffer is increased and the issue is resolved.

Known Issues and Limitations

This section lists the known issues and limitations for this release. Known issues not previously documented are marked with the * symbol.
  • In the ADM interface, if you click Show In Map, the user interface displays a small icon for the host, but does not display a host name or IP address.

    Workaround: Perform one of the following workarounds.
    • Restart the Java process and reopen the map.
    • Upgrade Java to version 1.6.0_27.

  • If you try to deploy ADM Windows Collector on Windows 2003 R2 and Windows 2008 R2 environments, errors related to the Java environment might appear.*

    Workaround: Click OK to the message windows that appear. These errors do not obstruct the discovery process.