Your voice and opinions are having tremendous influence across our R&D Teams.

We regularly reach out to our customers to better understand their feedback with our most recent product releases. A huge thank you to all of those that participate in our surveys, discussion forums, 1:1 interviews, and communities. We are happy to share that we are incorporating your priorities for us into our product planning.

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Creating greater alignment by educating you on VMware’s Strategy & Roadmap to help you achieve your business outcomes

In May 2018, the U.S. sales team launched the VMware Roadmap Program to educate our customers on VMware’s vision & strategy and how it aligns with your future objectives. Account teams are inviting customers to participate in meetings to review their future IT goals and how VMware can help. Since the launch of this program, customers indicate they are now more aligned with VMware’s future direction.  This program also includes a quarterly Vision & Strategy Webcast conducted by VMware’s VP & CTO, Chris Wolf.

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Influencing Research & Development to expedite delivery of the fully featured vSphere HTML5 Client

We heard your desire for a fully featured HTML5 client loud and clear and as a result, we worked closely with R&D to release vSphere 6.7 Update 1 in October 2018! Users can now perform all vSphere management operations using vSphere Client (HTML5) without having to switch to vSphere Web Client (Flex). Read about all the features and significant changes released in this version of the vSphere Client by visiting Functionality Updates for the vSphere Client site and the VMware vSphere Blog.

Check out the VMware vSphere Blog for more details   Take a look at this video series to get familiar with modified workflows and new features in the vSphere Client  

You let us know certification expirations were a challenge and we are making a change!

Our goal is to enable you to validate your expertise and your relevancy in the industry. Based on your feedback around our recertification requirement, we are excited to announce that our team partnered with Education Services to change it! We are removing the 2-year recertification requirement and streamlining upgrade paths for recertification. With these changes you are free to certify and re-certify when you want and where you want.

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The Power of an Unexpected Thank You!

In partnership with the Americas Inside Sales organization, we launched Customer Appreciation Week in November 2018 to thank our customers for their commitment to doing business with VMware. During the week, 250 sales representatives connected with over 3,700 customers who purchased VMware products in the first half of 2018 to simply thank them for their business. Our customers mean everything to us – after all, we wouldn’t exist without you!

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