vSphere PowerCLI Cmdlets Reference

ExtensionData - Object

Extended by
VMHostDiagnosticPartition, DrsRecommendation, VMHostProfileIncompliance, HostService, VirtualPortGroup, StatInterval, Role, PassThroughDevice, DrsVMAffinityRule, VMHostFirewallDefaultPolicy, VMHostFirewallException, Privilege, StartPolicy, ScsiLun, VMGuest, HostNic, OSCustomizationNicMapping, ScsiLunPath, HostFirmware, VmHostSnmp, IScsiHbaTarget, Hba, VMHostRoute, VMQuestion, LogDescriptor, Permission, NicTeamingPolicy


Represents a base interface for all types that expose "ExtensionData" property (representing the corresponding API object). For each inheritor the type of the ExtensionData is known (defined in each inheritor's specification) but the type of the property remains "object".


ExtensionDataobjectIf the user accesses the ExtensionData property of an extended object the whole ExtensionData object is retrieved.

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