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The VMware CIM SDK provides a Common Information Model (CIM) interface for developers building management applications. With the VMware CIM SDK, developers can use CIM-compliant applications to explore the virtual machines on ESX Server, along with associated storage resources.

VMware CIM SDK 1.0

Released 15-June-2006

  • For ESX Server 3.x
  • Supports SMI-S (Storage Management Initiative-Specification, version 1.0.2), a standard defined by the Storage Networking Industry Association that specifies how to use CIM (Common Information Model) to manage storage products. Supported on ESX Server 3.0.1, ESX Server 3.5.


  • Programming Guide
  • CIM Extension Schema Reference for ESX Server 3.0 (available in the download package)

VMware Support for the CIM SDK

VMware Customer Support for the CIM SDK is limited to customers who experience runtime issues with the VMware CIMOM—the CIM Object Manager that runs as a service on ESX Server and responds to CIM requests. VMware does not provide application-developement or debugging support, nor does it provide development-tools support. In addition, sample programs in the CIM SDK are provided without support.

For help developing applications, visit the Developer Center, or engage VMware Professional Services.

Installing the VMware CIM SDK Package

  1. Download the package to a folder (directory) of your choosing.
  2. Unzip the package. The package includes:
    • The Programming Guide as a PDF file.
    • The API Reference guide, as a set of HTML files.
    • Sample programs for several language bindings.
  3. View the readme.html file for more information.

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