Data Object - VirtualMachineCreateChildSpec

See also
OptionValue, VirtualMachineRelocateSpec
vSphere API 6.0

Data Object Description

Specification for creating child virtual machine


Name Type Description

Opaque client-provided configuration information for the child virtual machine, accessible to guest after being forked.

A type of VirtualMachineRelocateSpec that specifies the location of resources the newly created virtual machine will use. If not specified, the default value will be used for each property. Only the following fields are supported:
  • A datastore where the virtual machine will be located on physical storage. If not specified, the current datastore is used.
  • A pool The resource pool determines what compute resources will be available to the child. The resource pool must contain resources from the host where the parent is located since the child will be created on the same host. If not specified, the current resource pool will be used.
  • datastore which allows specifying the datastore location for each virtual disk. Only applicable for persistent child, if not specified, datastore will be used.


Flag to indicate the fork child type. If it is set to true, a persistent child will be created. If set to false, a non-persistent child will be created.
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