VMware Studio is an easy-to-use virtual appliance that helps you transform software applications running on Linux or Windows into virtual machines that you can deliver as quick-starting virtual appliances. VMware Studio software is free of charge.

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VMware Studio 2.6

Released 8 March 2012  |  Download Software

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VMware Studio includes a Web browser interface that controls an extensive build system, simplifying the development of virtual appliances and vApps (multi-VM appliances combined as a unit for easy management). VMware Studio provides an Eclipse plug-in so you can use the same integrated development environment for programming your applications as for packaging components and running the Web browser interface. VMware Studio also has a command-line interface to assist you with automated builds. Linux-based virtual appliances can be patched from an optional update repository. Windows-based virtual appliances can be configured with Sysprep and boot scripts.

VMware Studio Plugin for Eclipse

See these instructions for Installing the Eclipse Plugin.