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Using the QueryList Operation

The SMS API QueryList operation returns a QueryResult data object that contains the properties of all instances of the entity type specified in the query.

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QueryList Operation Parameters

The QueryList operation supports queries on these entities:

Specify the entity by passing its value using the queryEntityType parameter. The queryEntityType parameter is required. You must also pass the managed object reference of the ServiceInstance in the method invocation.

QueryList supports two optional parameters, querySpec and contextEntity.

QueryList returns QueryResult data object

QueryResult Data Object

QueryList returns a result set in the form of a QueryResult data object. QueryResult is a complex object consisting of two other data objects that comprise its metadata and row properties:

An instance of a Metadata data object has properties describing the number of rows in the result set. A Metadata data object also has a propertyName property that consists of an array of strings identifying the column names in the result set.

The propertyName value is an array of strings that contains the column names in the result set (QueryResult). This result comprises a two-dimensional table. Use the propertyName strings to decode the RowData objects in the QueryResult object. Each propertyName corresponds to a column in the RowData object in the same order.

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