VMware Infrastructure (VI) SDK 2.5.0 Release Notes

Release date:   10-December-2007
Last updated:   8-Dec-2008

Build 64154 is the General Availability (GA) build of the VI SDK 2.5.0 release.

Welcome to the VMware Infrastructure (VI) SDK 2.5.0 release. In this release, the SDK has been enhanced to support new features of  ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5, and ESX Server 3i. This release also supports ESX Server 3.0.x and VirtualCenter Server 2.0.x. This document contains the following information:


To use new features supported by VI SDK 2.5, you must have access to an ESX Server 3.5 or VirtualCenter 2.5 system. Note that some new features require VirtualCenter—migrating virtual machines using VMware VMotion, for example.


In this release of the VI SDK, developers have access to two different API versions: VI API 2.0, and VI API 2.5.

As in previous releases, the API is exposed as a secure Web service. The WSDL files defining each API version refer to different namespaces:

  • The VI API 2.5 WSDL uses the namespace vim25, which supports the API available on ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter Server 2.5, and ESX Server 3i Web services.
  • The VI API 2.0 WSDL uses the namespace vim2, which is the same as in previous releases of the SDK, including VI SDK 2.0.1. The VI API 2.0 is available on ESX Server 3.0.x, VirtualCenter Server 2.0.x, ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter Server 2.5, and ESX Server 3i.

Client applications developed using the VI SDK 2.0 will work, unchanged, with ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5.

Obtaining the Software

Obtain the VI SDK software from the SDK download page at:



The documentation included in the SDK download package is out-of-date. Use these links to the online version of the documentation instead:

  • Release Notes (this document)
  • Developer’s Setup Guide, providing information about setting up the development enviroment for C# and Java client applications. The Developer’s Setup Guide replaces the Getting Started Guide of previous releases and the Installation Guide contained in the SDK package. Note that conceptual information and some appendices from the now-defunct Getting Started Guide have been incorporated into the Programming Guide. See the Revision History in the Programming Guide preface for details.
  • API Reference Guide, updated as of 15-Apr-2008 with revised “overview” pages providing better conceptual information than previously. The managed object type and data object type pages also include UML diagrams that highlight starting points for navigation.
  • Programming Guide, which has been re-organized and includes conceptual content from the now-defunct Getting Started Guide.
  • CIM SMASH API Programming Guide, which provides information about using the VMware CIMOM (CIM Object Manager) available on ESX Server 3i systems.
  • Updated Documentation Zipfile (sdkpubszip.zip) containing the most recent updates of all documentation for the VI SDK 2.5 download, as well as completely new content for the SDK download (specifically, several readme files, including a Readme for the Java Samples and a Readme for the DotNet Samples).

Using the Updated Documentation Zipfile

The SDK download package does not include documentation (except for the API ReferenceGuide). The documentation is available online, and as a downloadable zipfile that can be unpacked into the appropriate SDK package sub-directories.

The SDK documentation zipfile includes the Developer’s Setup Guide and Programming Guide (PDFs) and several readme files (HTML format), including readmes for the Java and C# sample applications. The various readme files replace the README.txt files contained in the VI SDK package.

To use the zipfile

  1. Download the zipfile to a temporary directory.
  2. Unpack its contents.
  3. Place the files from the zipfile into the appropriate sub-directories of the SDK as unpacked on your workstation, as shown in the table.
Note:Links in the various readme files (readme.html, readme_dotnet.html, readme_java.html) will not work correctly until the files are downloaded into the appropriate directories of the VI SDK package, as specified in the table.

Filename Description Location
readme.html Readme SDK\readme.html
readme_dotnet.html DotNet Samples Readme SDK\samples\DotNet\readme_dotnet.html
readme_java.html Java Samples Readme SDK\samples\Axis\java\readme_java.html
cim_smash_pg.pdfCIM SMASH API Programming GuideSDK\doc\cim_smash_pg.pdf
visdk25setupguide.pdf Developer’s Setup Guide SDK\doc\visdk25setupguide.pdf
visdk25programmingguide.pdf Programming Guide SDK\doc\visdk25programmingguide.pdf
Image and .css files: vmware.gif, template.css \docresourcesSDK\docresources\vmware.gif

Last updated 8-Dec-2008