VMware Infrastructure (VI) API Reference Documentation

Welcome to the VMware Infrastructure API Reference documentation. This API reference provides comprehensive information about all data structures available through the VI API:

The VI API is exposed as a Web service, running on both ESX Server and VirtualCenter Server systems. The API provides access to the VMware Infrastructure management components—the managed objects that can be used to manage, monitor, and control life-cycle operations of virtual machines and other VMware infrastructure components (datacenters, datastores, networks, and so on).

This VI API Reference is a core component of the VMware Infrastructure SDK (VI SDK). The VI SDK enables developers to create custom solutions for managing VMware infrastructure components, or integrate existing datacenter management solutions with VMware technologies. Using the VI API, you can quickly create, customize, or migrate virtual machines, for example.

Navigating the API Reference

The VI API Reference is an HTML frameset. Click an entry in the left-hand pane to display information in the right-hand pane. You can find specific object type definition by clicking the appropriate category name and then refining your search by entering the specific object name in the search text field.

To quickly find an entry, start typing its name in the Quick Index field.

For More Information

For conceptual and “how to” information, see one of these VI SDK technical publications:

The most recent published versions of these guides are available at: