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Data Object Description

This data object type provides details about a historical interval. Historical intervals are identified by an interval ID. An interval ID indicates the number of seconds for which the performance statistics are summarized. For example, for an interval that summarizes statistics for five minute intervals, the interval ID is 300 (60x5). Apart from the interval ID, each configured interval has a string description that the user provides to "name" the configuration. The user can choose any sentence to describe the sampling interval. The description does not effect system behavior. The configuration of historical intervals in VMware VirtualCenter specifies the scheme which is used for aggregation of performance statistics data in VirtualCenter. The default configuration of historical intervals is:
name samplingPeriod length level enabled
Past Day 300 (5 minutes) 86400 (1 day) 4 true
Past Week 1800 (30 minutes) 604800 (1 week) 4 true
Past Month 7200 (2 hours) 2592000 (30 days) 2 true
Past Year 86400 (1 day) 31536000 (365 days) 2 true
This means that under the default settings, VirtualCenter retains all performance statistics counters (level 4) at 5 minute samples for the past day and 30 minute samples for the past week. After that only counters at level 2 are retained at 2 hour samples for the past month and 1 day samples for the past year. All performance data beyond a year are purged from the VirtualCenter database. Refer to QueryPerfCounterByLevel for a description of the statistics collection levels. Refer to UpdatePerfInterval for a description of the rules for updating performance intervals.


Name Type Description

Boolean flag to indicate whether this historical interval is enabled. When a historical interval is disabled, no statistics will be collected at the historical interval and all the higher historical intervals will be disabled as well. For example, if the "Past Month" interval is disabled, this means that historical statistics will only be collected and retained up to one week in the past.

Since VI API 2.5

The historical interval ID.

Since VI API 2.5

The length of time in seconds for which the statistics corresponding to this interval are kept in the database.

The statistics collection level for this historical interval. Only performance statistics corresponding to the statistics counters at this level will be stored for this historical interval.

Since VI API 2.5

The name of the historical interval.

The duration for statistics archival in seconds.
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