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This data object type describes capabilities of a performance provider. A performance provider is a ManagedObject that can supply real-time and historical statistics. The summary indicates if either real-time (current), archived (past), or both statistical types are supported. For providers with currentSupported set to true, clients can call queryStats with the interval set to the provider's refreshRate to retrieve real-time statistics. If summarySupported is true, clients can call queryStats with the interval set to one of the historical intervals configured in the system to retrieve historical statistics for the entity.


Name Type Description

True if the entity supports real-time (current) statistics.

ManagedObject that can return runtime or summary statistics.

Specifies in seconds the interval between which the system updates performance statistics. Generally speaking, querying for a metric at a faster rate than this does not yield additional information. This value applies only to entities that support real-time (current) statistics.

True if the entity supports historical (summarized) statistics.
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