Data Object - VirtualMachineSummary

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HostConnectInfo, VirtualMachine, VirtualMachineUsbInfo
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CustomFieldValue, ManagedEntityStatus, VirtualMachine, VirtualMachineConfigSummary, VirtualMachineGuestSummary, VirtualMachineQuickStats, VirtualMachineRuntimeInfo

Data Object Description

The summary data object type encapsulates a typical set of virtual machine information that is useful for list views and summary pages.

VirtualCenter can retrieve this information very efficiently, even for large sets of virtual machines.


Name Type Description

Basic configuration information about the virtual machine. This information is not available when the virtual machine is unavailable, for instance, when it is being created or deleted.

Custom field values.

Guest operating system and VMware Tools information. See guest for more information.

Overall alarm status on this node.

A set of statistics that are typically updated with near real-time regularity. This data object type does not support notification, for scalability reasons. Therefore, changes in QuickStats do not generate property collector updates. To monitor statistics values, use the statistics and alarms modules instead.

Runtime and state information of a running virtual machine. Most of this information is also available when a virtual machine is powered off. In that case, it contains information from the last run, if available.
to a VirtualMachine

Reference to the virtual machine managed object.
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