VMware Infrastructure (VI) SDK 2.5

Updated Documentation Zipfile

This sdkpubszip.zip file contains revised documentation for the VI SDK 2.5 download. Download and unpack the zipfile to a temporary location, and then copy the files to directories shown in the table.

These files replace any files of the same name, or add new content to the SDK download. The Java and DotNet Samples Readme files (readme_java.html, readme_dotnet.html, respectively) replace README.txt files contained in the VI SDK package.

Note:Links in the various readme files (readme.html, readme_dotnet.html, readme_java.html) will not work correctly until the files are downloaded into the appropriate directories of the VI SDK package.

Description Filename Location
DotNet Samples Readmereadme_dotnet.htmlSDK\samples\DotNet\readme_dotnet.html
Java Samples Readmereadme_java.htmlSDK\samples\Axis\java\readme_java.html
Developer’s Setup Guidevisdk25setupguide.pdfSDK\doc\visdk25setupguide.pdf
Programming Guidevisdk25programmingguide.pdfSDK\doc\visdk25programmingguide.pdf
CIM SMASH API Programming Guidecim_smash_pg.pdf SDK\doc\cim_smash_pg.pdf
Images, stylesheets, and other supporting files vmware.gif
template.css page.gif

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