VMware Infrastructure (VI) SDK 2.5 Deprecations Summary

Several properties and types available through the VI API 2.0 have been deprecated in VI API 2.5. The table lists the deprecated enumeration types, fault types, managed- and data-object properties, and managed object methods, and identifies the new feature that takes its place.

For example, the QueryMemoryOverhead operation, available through HostSystem managed objects, is deprecated: QueryMemoryOverheadEx should be used for new development. A Java sample, demonstrating using the new operation, is included in the SDK download:


Name of object type or propertyAs of VI API 2.5, use instead...
Enumerated Types
LicenseManagerLicenseKeyUse QueryLicenseSourceAvailability to obtain an array of LicenseAvailabilityInfo data objects (which in turn, comprises LicenseFeatureInfo data objects and status information about number of licenses and availability).
DrsRecommendationReasonCodeUse the RecommendationReasonCode enumerated type.
Fault Types
CpuCompatibilityUnknownUse CpuIncompatible and its subclasses.
IDEDiskNotSupportedUse the DeviceControllerNotSupported fault type.
Data Object Types
ClusterConfigInfoUse the ClusterConfigInfoEx data object type.
ClusterConfigSpecUse the ClusterConfigSpecEx data object type.
ClusterDrsRecommendationUse ClusterRecommendation.
Managed Object Type Properties
ClusterComputeResource.configurationUse ComputeResource.configurationEx
ClusterComputeResource.drsRecommendationUse ClusterComputResource.recommendation
LicenseManager.featureInfoUse QuerySupportedFeatures.
Managed Object Type Methods
ReconfigureCluster_TaskUse ReconfigureComputeResource_Task.
RecommendHostsForVmUse PowerOnMultiVM_Task. RecommendHostsForVm cannot make any recommendations if DRS cannot find the specified host in the cluster. With PowerOnMultiVM_Task, DRS attempts to migrate virtual machines and power on hosts in standby mode, given the same conditions.
DestroyDatastoreDo not use this method: DestroyDatastore throws ResourceInUse. Datastores are automatically removed when no longer in use, so this method is unnecessary.
CreateClusterUse CreateClusterEx.
DeleteFileUse DeleteDatastoreFile_Task (a method of the new FileManager managed object.
QueryMemoryOverheadUse QueryMemoryOverheadEx.
DestroyNetworkDo not use this method: DestroyNetwork throws ResourceInUse. Networks are automatically removed when no longer in use, so this method is unnecessary.
CreatePerfIntervalUse UpdatePerfInterval. Historical intervals cannot be created.
RemovePerfIntervalUse UpdatePerfInterval. Historical intervals cannot be removed.
Data Object Type Properties
ClusterDasVmConfigInfo.restartPriorityUse restartPriority. If this value is specified using both places, the value in restartPriority has precedence.
ClusterDasVmConfigInfo.powerOffOnIsolationUse isolationResponse. If a value is specified in both powerOffOnIsolation and isolationResponse, the value in isolationResponse takes precedence and the value in powerOffOnIsolation is ignored.
CustomizationWinOptions.deleteAccountsDeleting user accounts as part of a customization routine is not supported as of VI API 2.5: the deleteAccounts property is ignored. To change the administrator password, set the administrator password to blank in the master vm. Sysprep will then be able to change the password to the one specified by the password.
VirtualMachineFlagInfo.runWithDebugInfoUse the new monitorType property (an enumeration comprising string values “debug,” “release,” and “stats”).

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