VMware Infrastructure Object Model Overview

With the VMware Infrastructure SDK, you can create custom solutions that build on existing VMware technology. VMware has exposed the VMware Infrastructure Object Model, including its methods, so that:

To understand the capabilities of the SDK, learn the fundamentals of the object model.

VMware Infrastructure SDK Reference Guide

The VMware Infrastructure SDK Reference Guide describes each class in the SDK, including information about different object types and all methods, properties, and enumerations that correspond to each object type. Where appropriate, information about the significance of different objects and their methods, properties, and faults is included. This document is a reference and provides no sample code or implementation guidance. For more information about the VMware Infrastructure SDK, see the information described in other SDK documentation.

The VMware Infrastructure SDK Reference Guide organizes information by differing categories of object types, as well as by all types of methods, properties, or enumerations an object might have.

To view all specified instances in a category, such as managed objects or properties, click the relevant link in the left pane. Then click an entry in the left pane to display more information about that entry in the right pane.

Properties display the name of the object to which they apply.

Other SDK Documentation

If you need more information than this document provides, see the guides and sample code available in the VMware Infrastructure SDK download package. The latest versions of these downloads can be found at the VMware Web site under /support/developer:

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