Data Object - Permission

Property of
Parameter to
ResetEntityPermissions, SetEntityPermissions
Returned by
RetrieveAllPermissions, RetrieveEntityPermissions, RetrieveRolePermissions
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Data Object Description

This data object type provides assignment of some role access to a user or group on a specific entity. A ManagedEntity is limited to one permission per user or group.


Name Type Description
to a ManagedEntity
Managed entity the permission is defined on. Left unset when calling setPermissions or resetPermissions, but present for the results of permission queries.
groupxsd:boolean Whether principal refers to a user or a group. True for a group and false for a user.
principalxsd:string User or group receiving access in the form of "login" for local or "DOMAIN\login" for users in a Windows domain.
propagatexsd:boolean Whether or not this permission propagates down the hierarchy to sub-entities.
roleIdxsd:int Reference to the role providing the access.
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