Data Object - ClusterComputeResourceSummary


Data Object Description

This data object type encapsulates a typical set of ClusterComputeResource information that is useful for list views and summary pages.


Name Type Description
currentFailoverLevelxsd:int Current failover level. This is the number of physical host failures that can be tolerated without impacting the ability to satisfy the minimums for all running virtual machines. This represents the current value, as opposed to desired value configured by the user.
numVmotionsxsd:int Total number of migrations with VMotion that have been done internal to this cluster.
Properties inherited from ComputeResourceSummary
effectiveCpu, effectiveMemory, numCpuCores, numCpuThreads, numEffectiveHosts, numHosts, overallStatus, totalCpu, totalMemory
Properties inherited from DynamicData
dynamicProperty, dynamicType

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