Data Object - HostServiceTicket


Data Object Description

Return value for ticketable host services. The server has the option to provide a hostname and port for a future ticket-authenticated connection to a service on a host. If the service provider does not return a host and port, then the client must connect using the same host and port it used to request the ticket.

For example, when a client requests a ticket from an ESX Server, the returned ticket may omit the optional host and port. In such a case, the client establishes an out-of-band ticketed connection to the same server host and on the same port on which it made the connection to request the ticket. If this request is made to the VirtualCenter server, but the server does not provide the required service directly, then the server provides a hostname and port for a server that accepts the ticketed connection and provides the service.


Name Type Description
host*xsd:string The name of the host providing the service for which the ticket applies. If omitted, then the client uses the host name for the server that issued the ticket.
port*xsd:int Access to some services is made possible by connecting to a port on a server. If the service for which a ticket is issued is available on a particular port, that port number is specified with this property. If omitted, the port number for the service that issued the ticket is used.
servicexsd:string The name of the service to which to connect.
serviceVersionxsd:string A dot-separated string identifying the service protocol version. For example: 1.0 is used for NFC hosted by vpxa and used for managed ESX 2.5 or 1.1 is used for NFC hosted by hostd on ESX 3.0.
sessionIdxsd:string An identifying string for the session created for the ticketed connection. This is used by the host service to identify the operations permitted within the session.
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