Data Object - LicenseFeatureInfo

Property of
LicenseAvailabilityInfo, LicenseExpiredEvent, LicenseManager, LicenseUsageInfo, NoLicenseEvent
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Data Object Description

A single feature that can be licensed. This information is immutable.


Name Type Description
costUnitxsd:string Each license has a cost associated with it, and the value of costUnit determines what the unit applicable to the cost is. Cost is counted by the reserved field in LicenseManager.Reservation.

See LicenseFeatureInfoUnit

featureNamexsd:string The display string for the feature name. For example, enable 2-way VSMP on CPU packages.
keyxsd:string Unique identifier for license as defined in License server. For example, VSMP.
See LicenseManagerLicenseKey
state*LicenseFeatureInfoState Describes the state of the feature based on the current edition license. This property is unset for an edition license.
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