Data Object - ClusterDrsConfigInfo

Property of
ClusterConfigInfo, ClusterConfigSpec
See also
DrsBehavior, OptionValue

Data Object Description

Configuration of the VMware DRS service.

All fields are defined as optional. In case of a reconfiguration, unset fields are not changed.


Name Type Description
defaultVmBehavior*DrsBehavior Specifies the default VMware DRS behavior for virtual machines. This default behavior can be overridden on a per virtual machine basis using the ClusterDrsVmConfigInfo object.
enabled*xsd:boolean Flag indicating whether or not the service is enabled.
option*OptionValue[] Advanced settings.
vmotionRate*xsd:int The minimum rating a VMotion is required to have before it should be executed automatically, if the DRS is set to behave in fullyAutomated manner. Ratings vary between 1 and 5. This setting is relevant only if DRS is fullyAutomated.
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