Data Object - Event

Property of
EventHistoryCollector, EventManager, ManagedEntity, SnapshotRevertIssue
Returned by
QueryEvents, ReadNextEvents, ReadPreviousEvents, ValidateMigration
Extended by
AlarmEvent, AuthorizationEvent, ClusterEvent, CustomFieldEvent, DatastoreEvent, GeneralEvent, HostEvent, LicenseEvent, LicenseExpiredEvent, ResourcePoolEvent, ScheduledTaskEvent, SessionEvent, TaskEvent, TemplateUpgradeEvent, UpgradeEvent, VmEvent
See also
ComputeResourceEventArgument, DatacenterEventArgument, HostEventArgument, VmEventArgument

Data Object Description

This event is the base data object type from which all events inherit. All event objects are data structures that describe events. While event data objects are data structures that describe events, event data type documentation may describe what the event records, rather than the data structure, itself.


Name Type Description
chainIdxsd:int The parent or group ID.
computeResource*ComputeResourceEventArgument The ComputeResource object of the event.
createdTimexsd:dateTime The time the event was created.
datacenter*DatacenterEventArgument The Datacenter object of the event.
fullFormattedMessage*xsd:string A formatted text message describing the event. The message may be localized.
host*HostEventArgument The Host object of the event.
keyxsd:int The event ID.
userNamexsd:string The user who caused the event.
vm*VmEventArgument The VirtualMachine object of the event.
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