Fault - SnapshotRevertIssue

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If the virtual machine is migrated to the destination host, there may be a problem reverting to one of its snapshots. This is a warning. If the snapshot name is not set and the event array is empty, then it the snapshot might possibly revert correctly. If the name is set and the event array is not empty then there surely will be a problem reverting to the snapshot.


Name Type Description
errorsxsd:boolean True if any of the events above are error events.
event*Event[] The problem(s) that would occur on reverting to the snapshot. This is determined similarly to invoking validateMigration on a powered-off virtual machine with the snapshot's state. However, not all errors or warnings for virtual machine migration are guaranteed to be detected for snapshots.
snapshotName*xsd:string The name of the problematic snapshot.
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