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The DiskBlockInfo data object type contains the information about the physical blocks for a virtual disk. The instance data structure (NOT the class hierarchy) basically looks as follows:
       +-- Mapping -- Mapping -- Mapping
             |          |          |
           Extent     Extent     Extent
             |          |
           Extent     Extent

DiskBlockInfo contains generic info about the blocks, such as the blocks' total size on the disk and the minimum block size.

Mapping describes all block extents of the block list that live on a particular "storage space" (such as a particular logical unit number (LUN)).

Extent contains a logical start address (that is, start offset within the virtual disk) to a physical offset within the mapping, along with the number of consecutive bytes from this starting point.


Name Type Description
granularityxsd:long Chunk granularity in bytes.
mapHostDiskBlockInfoMapping[] Set of mappings for the virtual disk.
minBlockSizexsd:int Minimum block size in bytes.
sizexsd:long Size of the virtual disk in bytes.
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