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Information about a single disk partition. A partition is a contiguous set of blocks on a disk that is marked for use. The typeId identifies the purpose of the data in the partition.


Name Type Description
attributesxsd:byte The attributes on the partition.
endSectorxsd:long The end sector.
logicalxsd:boolean The flag to indicate whether or not the partition is logical. If true, the partition number should be greater than 4.
partitionxsd:int The partition number. Must be a positive integer.
startSectorxsd:long The start sector.
typexsd:string Type of data in the partition. If it is a well-known partition type, it will be one of the defined types. If it is not, then it will be reported as a hexadecimal number. For example, "none", "vmfs", "linux", and "0x20" are all valid values.
See HostDiskPartitionInfoType
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