Data Object - HostDiskPartitionInfo

Returned by
ComputeDiskPartitionInfo, RetrieveDiskPartitionInfo
See also
HostDiskPartitionLayout, HostDiskPartitionSpec

Data Object Description

Information about the partitions on a disk. A DiskPartitionInfo object provides two different views into the partitions on a disk:

See RetrieveDiskPartitionInfo
See ComputeDiskPartitionInfo
See UpdateDiskPartitions


Name Type Description
deviceNamexsd:string The device name of the disk to which this partition information corresponds.
layoutHostDiskPartitionLayout A convenient format for describing disk layout. This layout specification can be converted to a Specification object.
See ComputeDiskPartitionInfo
specHostDiskPartitionSpec The detailed disk partition specification. Use this specification for manipulating the file system.
See RetrieveDiskPartitionInfo
See UpdateDiskPartitions
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