Data Object - HostHardwareInfo

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HostCpuIdInfo, HostCpuInfo, HostCpuPackage, HostNumaInfo, HostPciDevice, HostSystemInfo

Data Object Description

The HardwareInfo data object type describes the hardware configuration of the host.


Name Type Description
cpuFeature*HostCpuIdInfo[] CPU feature set that is supported by the virtualization layer. This typically depends on physical CPUs, product capabilities, and licensing.
cpuInfoHostCpuInfo Overall CPU information.
cpuPkgHostCpuPackage[] Information about each of the physical CPU packages on the host.
memorySizexsd:long Total amount of physical memory on the host in bytes.
numaInfo*HostNumaInfo Information about the NUMA (non-uniform memory access).
pciDevice*HostPciDevice[] The list of Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) devices available on this host.
systemInfoHostSystemInfo Information about the system as a whole.
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