Data Object - HostHostBusAdapter

Property of
HostMultipathInfoPath, HostScsiTopologyInterface, HostStorageDeviceInfo
Extended by
HostBlockHba, HostFibreChannelHba, HostInternetScsiHba, HostParallelScsiHba

Data Object Description

This data object type describes the bus adapter for the host. A host bus adapter (HBA) is a hardware or software adapter that connects the host to storage devices.


Name Type Description
busxsd:int The host bus number.
devicexsd:string The device name of host bus adapter.
driver*xsd:string The name of the driver.
key*xsd:string The linkable identifier.
modelxsd:string The model name of the host bus adapter.
pci*xsd:string The Peripheral Connect Interface (PCI) ID of the device representing the host bus adapter.
statusxsd:string The operational status of the adapter. Valid values include "online", "offline", and "fault".
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