Data Object - HostInternetScsiHbaDiscoveryProperties

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The discovery settings for this host bus adapter. At least one discovery mode must always be active. Multiple modes may be active at the same time.


Name Type Description
iSnsDiscoveryEnabledxsd:boolean True if iSNS is currently enabled
iSnsDiscoveryMethod*xsd:string The iSNS discovery method in use when iSNS is enabled. Must be one of the values of InternetScsiSnsDiscoveryMethod
iSnsHost*xsd:string For STATIC iSNS, this is the iSNS server address
sendTargetsDiscoveryEnabledxsd:boolean True if send targets discovery is enabled
slpDiscoveryEnabledxsd:boolean True if SLP is enabled
slpDiscoveryMethod*xsd:string The current SLP discovery method when SLP is enabled. Must be one of the values of SlpDiscoveryMethod
slpHost*xsd:string When the SLP discovery method is set to MANUAL, this property reflects the hostname, and optionally port number of the SLP DA.
staticTargetDiscoveryEnabledxsd:boolean True if static target discovery is enabled
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