Data Object - HostMultipathInfoLogicalUnit

Property of
HostMultipathInfo, HostMultipathInfoPath
See also
HostMultipathInfoLogicalUnitPolicy, HostMultipathInfoPath, ScsiLun

Data Object Description

This data object type represents a storage entity that provides disk blocks to a host.


Name Type Description
idxsd:string Identifier of LogicalUnit.

Use this id to configure LogicalUnit multipathing policy using SetMultipathLunPolicy.

keyxsd:string Linkable identifier.
lunScsiLun The SCSI device corresponding to logical unit.
pathHostMultipathInfoPath[] The array of paths available to access this LogicalUnit.
policyHostMultipathInfoLogicalUnitPolicy Policy that the logical unit should use when selecting a path.
Properties inherited from DynamicData
dynamicProperty, dynamicType

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