Data Object - HostMultipathInfoPath

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HostHostBusAdapter, HostMultipathInfoLogicalUnit, HostTargetTransport

Data Object Description

Path is a storage entity that represents a topological path from a host bus adapter to a SCSI logical unit. Each path is unique although each host bus adapter/SCSI logical unit pair can have multiple paths.

Path objects are identified by a key. The specifics of how the key is formatted are dependent on the implementation. Example implementations include using strings like "vmhba1:0:0:0".


Name Type Description
adapterHostHostBusAdapter The host bus adapter at one endpoint of this path.
keyxsd:string The identifier of the Path.
lunHostMultipathInfoLogicalUnit The logical unit at one endpoint of this path.
namexsd:string Name of path.

Use this name to configure LogicalUnit multipathing policy using EnableMultipathPath and DisableMultipathPath.

pathStatexsd:string The state of the path. Must be one of the values of MultipathState
transport*HostTargetTransport Transport information for the target end of the path.
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