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Specification for creating NAS volume.


Name Type Description
accessModexsd:string Access mode for the mount point.

Mounting in read-write mode would be successful irregardless on how the mount point is exported or access permissions. For example, mounting a volume that is exported as read-only as readWrite will succeed. Hence, that a readWrite mount succeeds should not be taken as an indication that all files on a mount is writable.

If a file system is mounted readOnly, the system cannot create or modify any files on the file system. This is mostly useful for storing ISO images and templates, since a virtual machine cannot be powered on from a readOnly volume.

The access mode of a mounted NFS volume can be obtained at accessMode.

See HostMountMode

localPathxsd:string The path on the host where the file system is mounted. For ESX Server, this path is always off the /vmfs/volumes subdirectory.
remoteHostxsd:string The host that runs the NFS server.
remotePathxsd:string The remote path of the NFS mount point.
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