Data Object - HostNetCapabilities

Property of
HostConfigInfo, HostNetworkSystem

Data Object Description

Capability vector indicating the available product features.


Name Type Description
canSetPhysicalNicLinkSpeedxsd:boolean The flag to indicate whether or not a physical network adapter's link speed and duplex settings can be changed through this API. For a hosted product, the host uses its physical network adapters for network connectivity. Configuration of link speed is done through regular host operations. In ESX Server, the configuration can be changed through this API.
nicTeamingPolicy*xsd:string[] The available teaming policies if the platform supports network adapter teaming.
supportsNetworkHintsxsd:boolean The flag to indicate whether or not the host is able to support the querying of network hints.
supportsNicTeamingxsd:boolean The flag to indicate whether or not network adapter teaming is available. Multiple network adapters can be bridged to a virtual switch through a BondBridge. Also, network adapter teaming policies such as failover order and detection are enabled.
supportsVlanxsd:boolean The flag to indicate whether or not VLANs can be configured on PortGroups attached to VirtualSwitch objects. This allows VLANs for virtual machines without requiring special VLAN capable hardware switches.
usesServiceConsoleNicxsd:boolean The flag to indicate whether or not a service console network adapter is used or required. This means that the system software has two TCP/IP stacks. As a result, at least two types of VirtualNics may be created -- the normal VirtualNic and the service console VirtualNic. If this is not set, then only the VirtualNic type is supported.
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