Data Object - HostNetOffloadCapabilities

Property of
HostConfigInfo, HostNetworkPolicy, HostNetworkSystem

Data Object Description

Offload capabilities are used to optimize virtual machine network performance. When a virtual machine is transmitting on a network, some operations can be offloaded either to the host or to physical hardware. This data object type defines the set of offload capabilities that may be available on a host.

This data object type is used both to publish the list of offload capabilities and to contain offload capability policy settings. The network policy logic is built on a two-level inheritance scheme which requires that all settings be optional. As a result, all properties on the NetOffloadCapabilities object must be optional.
See HostNetworkPolicy


Name Type Description
csumOffload*xsd:boolean (Optional) The flag to indicate whether or not checksum offloading is supported.
tcpSegmentation*xsd:boolean (Optional) The flag to indicate whether or not TCP segmentation offloading (TSO) is supported.
zeroCopyXmit*xsd:boolean (Optional) The flag to indicate whether or not zero copy transmits are supported.
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