Data Object - HostNetworkConfig

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HostDnsConfig, HostIpRouteConfig, HostPortGroupConfig, HostVirtualNicConfig, HostVirtualSwitchConfig, PhysicalNicConfig

Data Object Description

This data object type describes networking host configuration data objects. These objects contain only the configuration information for networking. The runtime information is available from the NetworkInfo data object type.
See HostNetworkInfo


Name Type Description
consoleIpRouteConfig*HostIpRouteConfig IP route configuration of the service console.
consoleVnic*HostVirtualNicConfig[] Virtual network adapters configured for use by the Service Console.
dnsConfig*HostDnsConfig Client-side DNS configuration for the host. The DNS configuration is global to the entire host.
ipRouteConfig*HostIpRouteConfig IP route configuration of the host.
pnic*PhysicalNicConfig[] Physical network adapters as seen by the primary operating system.
portgroup*HostPortGroupConfig[] Port groups configured on the host.
vnic*HostVirtualNicConfig[] Virtual network adapters configured for use by the host operting system network adapter.
vswitch*HostVirtualSwitchConfig[] Virtual switches configured on the host.
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