Data Object - HostNetworkInfo

Property of
HostConfigInfo, HostNetworkSystem
See also
HostDnsConfig, HostIpRouteConfig, HostPortGroup, HostVirtualNic, HostVirtualSwitch, PhysicalNic

Data Object Description

This data object type describes networking host configuration data objects.


Name Type Description
consoleIpRouteConfig*HostIpRouteConfig IP route configuration of the service console.
consoleVnic*HostVirtualNic[] Virtual network adapters configured for use by the service console. The service console uses this network access for system management and bootstrapping services like network boot. The two sets of virtual network adapters are mutually exclusive. A virtual network adapter in this list cannot be used for things like VMotion. Likewise, a virtual network adapter in the other list cannot be used by the service console.
dnsConfig*HostDnsConfig Client-side DNS configuration for the host. The DNS configuration is global to the entire host. This is set only if DNS is configured for the host.
ipRouteConfig*HostIpRouteConfig IP route configuration of the host.
pnic*PhysicalNic[] Physical network adapters as seen by the primary operating system.
portgroup*HostPortGroup[] Port groups configured on the host.
vnic*HostVirtualNic[] Virtual network adapters configured on the host (hosted products) or the vmkernel. In the hosted architecture, these network adapters are used by the host to communicate with the virtual machines running on that host. In the VMkernel architecture, these virtual network adapters provide the ESX Server with external network access through a virtual switch that is bridged to a physical network adapter. The VMkernel uses these network adapters for features such as VMotion, NAS, iSCSI, and remote MKS connections.
vswitch*HostVirtualSwitch[] Virtual switches configured on the host.
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