Data Object - HostPciDevice

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Data Object Description

This data object type describes information about a single Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) device.


Name Type Description
busxsd:byte The bus ID of this PCI.
classIdxsd:short The class of this PCI.
deviceIdxsd:short The device ID of this PCI.
deviceNamexsd:string The device name of this PCI.
functionxsd:byte The function ID of this PCI.
idxsd:string The name ID of this PCI, composed of "bus:slot.function".
slotxsd:byte The slot ID of this PCI.
subDeviceIdxsd:short The subdevice ID of this PCI.
subVendorIdxsd:short The subvendor ID of this PCI.
vendorIdxsd:short The vendor ID of this PCI.
vendorNamexsd:string The vendor name of this PCI.
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