Data Object - HostPortGroupSpec

Property of
HostPortGroup, HostPortGroupConfig
Parameter to
AddPortGroup, UpdatePortGroup
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Data Object Description

This data object type describes the PortGroup specification representing the properties on a PortGroup that can be configured.


Name Type Description
namexsd:string The name of the port group.
policyHostNetworkPolicy Policies on the port group take precedence over the ones specified on the virtual switch.
vlanIdxsd:int The VLAN ID for ports using this port group. Possible values:
  • A value of 0 specifies that you do not want the port group associated with a VLAN.
  • A value from 1 to 4094 specifies a VLAN ID for the port group.
  • A value of 4095 specifies that the port group should use trunk mode, which allows the guest operating system to manage its own VLAN tags.
vswitchNamexsd:string The identifier of the virtual switch on which this port group is located.
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