Data Object - HostPortGroup

Property of
HostNetworkInfo, HostVirtualSwitch
See also
HostNetworkPolicy, HostPortGroupPort, HostPortGroupSpec, HostVirtualSwitch

Data Object Description

This data object type is used to describe port groups. Port groups are used to group virtual network adapters on a virtual switch, associating them with networks and network policies.


Name Type Description
computedPolicyHostNetworkPolicy Computed network policies that are applicable for a port group. The inheritance scheme for PortGroup requires knowledge about the NetworkPolicy for a port group and its parent virtual switch as well as the logic for computing the results. This information is provided as a convenience so that callers need not duplicate the inheritance logic to determine the proper values for a network policy.

See the description of the NetworkPolicy data object type for more information.

key*xsd:string The linkable identifier.
port*HostPortGroupPort[] The ports that currently exist and are used on this port group.
specHostPortGroupSpec The specification of a port group.
vswitch*HostVirtualSwitch The virtual switch that contains this port group.
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