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HostMultipathInfoLogicalUnit, HostScsiTopologyLun, HostStorageDeviceInfo
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Data Object Description

This data object type describes the SCSI logical unit. A SCSI logical unit is a host device against which I/O operations can be performed. A SCSI logical unit can be used by hosts and virtual machines.

Examples of SCSI logical unit objects include disks which may contain file system volumes or parts of volumes for the host or might serve as raw disks to a virtual machine. Other examples include SCSI passthrough devices that can be used by virtual machines.

When the Device data object type is instantiated, the following valid values are used:

A string representing the name of the device that is meaningful to the host. For example, /dev/cdrom, /vmkdev/vmhba0:0:1:0, and "PhysicalDrive0".
A string describing the type of device. For example, scsi-cdrom, scsi-tape, scsi-disk, scsi-processor, and scsi-unknown.


Name Type Description
canonicalName*xsd:string Canonical name of the SCSI logical unit.

Examples for the canonical name include "vmhba0:0:0:0". Examples for Linux include "scsi0:0:0:0".

durableName*ScsiLunDurableName The durable name of the SCSI device.
key*xsd:string Linkable identifier
lunTypexsd:string The type of SCSI device. Must be one of the values of ScsiLunType.
model*xsd:string The model number of the SCSI device.
operationalStatexsd:string[] The operational states of the LUN. When more than one item is present in the array, the first state should be considered the primary state. For example, a LUN may be "ok" and "degraded" indicating I/O is still possible to the LUN, but it is operating in a degraded mode.
See ScsiLunState
queueDepth*xsd:int The queue depth of SCSI device.
revision*xsd:string The revision of the SCSI device.
scsiLevel*xsd:int The SCSI level of the SCSI device.
serialNumber*xsd:string The serial number of the SCSI device. For a device that is SCSI-3 compliant, this property is derived from page 80h of the Vital Product Data (VPD), as defined by the SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC-3) spec. Not all SCSI-3 compliant devices provide this information. For devices that are not SCSI-3 compliant, this property is not defined.
uuidxsd:string Universally unique identifier for the LUN used to identify ScsiLun across multiple servers.

This identifier can be used to identify analogous objects in other views such as HostMultipathInfoLogicalUnit and HostScsiTopologyLun.
See HostMultipathInfoLogicalUnit
See HostScsiTopologyLun

vendor*xsd:string The vendor of the SCSI device.
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