Data Object - HostStorageDeviceInfo

Property of
HostConfigInfo, HostStorageSystem
See also
HostHostBusAdapter, HostMultipathInfo, HostScsiTopology, ScsiLun

Data Object Description

This data object type describes the storage subsystem configuration.


Name Type Description
hostBusAdapter*HostHostBusAdapter[] The list of host bus adapters available on the host.
multipathInfo*HostMultipathInfo The multipath configuration that controls multipath policy for ScsiLuns. This data object exists only if path information is available and is configurable.
scsiLun*ScsiLun[] The list of SCSI logical units available on the host.
scsiTopology*HostScsiTopology Storage topology view of SCSI storage devices. This data object exists only if storage topology information is available. See the ScsiTopology data object type for more information.
softwareInternetScsiEnabledxsd:boolean Indicates if the software iSCSI initiator is enabled on this system
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