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This data object type summarizes hardware used by the host.


Name Type Description
cpuMhzxsd:int The speed of the CPU cores. This is an average value if there are multiple speeds. The product of cpuMhz and numCpuCores is approximately equal to the sum of the MHz for all the individual cores on the host.
cpuModelxsd:string The CPU model.
memorySizexsd:long The physical memory size in bytes.
modelxsd:string The system model identification.
numCpuCoresxsd:short Number of physical CPU cores on the host. Physical CPU cores are the processors contained by a CPU package.
numCpuPkgsxsd:short Number of physical CPU packages on the host. Physical CPU packages are chips that contain one or more processors. Processors contained by a package are also known as CPU cores. For example, one dual-core package is comprised of one chip that contains two CPU cores.
numCpuThreadsxsd:short Number of physical CPU threads on the host.
numHBAsxsd:int The number of host bus adapters (HBAs).
numNicsxsd:int The number of network adapters.
uuidxsd:string The hardware BIOS identification.
vendorxsd:string The hardware vendor identification.
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